(PRE-Order) YC Onion Chocolate Motorized Slider

RM 1,280.00

Key Features
  • Extending Portable Motion Control Slider
  • 5.5″ Surface-Mounted Sliding Range
  • 11″ Tripod-Mounted Sliding Range
  • iOS/Android Companion App
  • Assignable Point A-B Slides/Time-Lapses
  • Onboard Buttons for Direct Settings
  • Up to 22 lb Payload
  • Supports LP-E6 Battery or USB Power Bank
  • Motor Removable for Manual Slides


The YC Onion Chocolate Motorized Slider is a compact motion control slider measuring 11.8″ with the motor attached. It’s ideal for compact cameras and smartphones (via a smartphone adapter) but ultimately supports a high payload of 22 lb. When set on the ground or desktop, it provides a sliding range of 5.5″ for closeup sliding shots. But when mounted on a tripod, it travels 11″ thanks to an extending design. With the bottom mount attached to a tripod, the slider itself (not just the slider carriage) actually moves above this central mounting point. The motor can also be removed and the slider used fully manually, with the same travel distances. With the motor removed, the end-to-end length of the slider is 9″.

When the motor is used, you can assign A to B travel points in standard and time-lapse modes. Some of these travel settings can be assigned via onboard buttons on the motor, while these same settings plus additional ones can be assigned in the companion iOS/Android app, which is provided as a free download.

The motor can be powered by a Canon LP-E6 battery or a compatible USB power bank, both sold separately. A power cable with a micro-USB connector is included for connecting to a power bank or other USB power source. LP-E6 batteries come in different capacities, generally around 2000 to 3000mAh, which will provide up to around three hours of runtime.

1.5 to 22 lb Payload

The slider supports up to 22 lb when surface-mounted, and up to 6.6 lb when tripod-mounted. When tilted at 45° on a tripod, it supports up to 2.9 lb, and when positioned fully vertically on a tripod, it supports up to 1.5 lb loads.

Head and Tripod Mounts

The camera mounting platform features a 3/8″-16 mounting screw, which allows you to mount most tripod heads and ball heads, to which you can attach a camera or smartphone holder. On the bottom, the slider has 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads for attachment to a tripod.

App Compatibility

The free-download app is compatible with iOS 11 or later and Android 6.0 or later.